List of Works

Many of the scores are available at NB noter:

(A selection)

Solo works:

Ode to a Tree
(2016) for Bb clarinet and electronics [5′] WP: 28.7.2016; Mostly Mozart Festival, Lincoln Center, New York, Joshua Rubin (ICE)
Organic Encounters
 (2012) for Groven’s pure-tuned organ and tape [6’30”]
 WP: 1/12-2012 Orgelhuset, Oslo; Ole Karsten Sundlisæther
A Song for the Viola (2011) for violin and tape [3′] 
WP: 29/7-2011, Tøyen kontor, Oslo; Mira Benjamin
Lucia (2008) for: piccolo and electronics [5′]
 WP: 13/12-2008, AVGARDE, USF Verftet, Sardinen, Bergen; Jan Tufteland

Large ensembles:

Hymn to a Tree (2021) for chamber orchestra, solo clarinet and electronics [7′] WP:  Collage Festival; Collage Festival Orchestra and John Kruse
Muse’s Puzzle
 (2014) for wind orchestra [9′] 
WP: 26/9/2014; BrassWind, Bergen; Sjøforsvarets musikkorps
FruSSSna kviSStar (2011) for wind orchestra [7′]
 WP: 7/4-2011, Bergen festning, Koengen, Bergen; FMKV

Vocal music:

Messe pour les racines
(2022) for 8-voice choir and sinfonietta: flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, ciola, cello and double bass [20′] WP: 29/7-2022 Olavsfest, Vår frue kirke, Trondheim; Norges Ungdomskor and Trondheim Sinfonietta
Soundtrack of an Imaginary Opera
(2022) for 2 female voices, barytone, guitar, synth, percussion, violin, and cello [26′] WP (release): 10/6-2022 Ravello
Requiem for Mimì and Other Women Who Died in Opera
(2021) for 4 female and 4 male voices [18′] WP: 29/4-2021 Only Connect, Vår Frue kirke, Trondheim; Trondheim Vokalensemble
Opera Trailer: Beyoncé and Beyond
(2018) for soprano, mezzo soprano, baritone, percussion, acoustic guitar, violin, and viola [15′] WP: 9/3-2018 Bergen Nasjonale Opera co. Borealis, Cornerteateret, Bergen; Elisabeth Holmertz, Loré Lixenberg, Hallvor Festervoll Melien, Jennifer Torrence, Ole Martin Huser-Olsen, Vilde Sandve Alnæs, and Inga Margrete Aas
The Pillow Book 
(2017) for choir, tuba, percussion, and solo voice [20′] WP: 29/11-2017 Korskirken, Bergen; Collegium Musicum, Erik Gjerdevik, Manuel Hofstätter, and Irene Kristin Winter
(2016) for mezzo soprano [5′] WP: 11/8-2016 NMK, Landmark, Bergen; Melis Jaatinen
Barnet som blev osynligt/ Ref. Det osynliga barnet (Tove Jansson) (2013/2019) for voice, percussion and tape [10′]
 WP: 14/6-2013 Prøvesalen, Griegakademiet, Bergen; Hilde Annine Hasselberg, Øyvind Skarbø
Herz beim Spinnrade (2013) for vocal and prepared piano [7′]
WP: 28/2-2013 Borealis, Gunnar Sævigssal, Griegakademiet, Bergen; Hilde Annine Hasselberg, Martin Vinje
O viridissima virga (2011) for soprano and mezzo soprano [7’30”]
WP: 29/10-2011, Emanuel Vigeland mausoleum, Oslo; Kristin Bolstad and Camilla Ediassen
Allerlifligste (2011) for soprano, viola and electronics [7′]
WP: 26/8-2011, Johanneskirken, Bergen; Ingeborg Aadland and Sebastian Lowe
Sa(de) (2008) for mezzo soprano, piano and electronics [9′]
WP: 8/3-2008, AVGARDE, USF Verftet, Sardinen, Bergen; Elise Gillebo og Ingrid Elisabet Berg
Min barndoms träd (2001) for soprano and piano
 WP: Nov-2001, Sibelius birth home, Hämeenlinna (Finland); Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi and Julia Reinikainen

Mixed ensemble/ chamber music:

Sonate i Pippi-form
(2020) for piano and violin, WP: 25/10-2021 Avgarde, Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, Bergen; Jutta Morgenstern and Signe Bakke
An Anarchist’s Love Letter to a Conservative (2020) for obo, clarinet, saxophone, and percussion, WP: 20/1-2020 Astor Gallery, New York; ICE
Wuthering Modes (Not Moods)
(2017) for string quartet, WP: 26/9-2017 Ultima, Salt; Améi Quartet
(2017) for violin, accordion, prepared piano, percussion, and electric guitar, WP: 30/4-2017 Avgarde, Kronbar, Høgskolen i Bergen; Ensemble Avgarde
The Death of a Christmas Tree
(2014) graphic score for any ensemble, WP: 14/12-2014 Ny Musikk Oslo; Tøyen Fil og Klafferi
Encounters (2014) for two female voices and to percussionists [55′] WP: 8/11-2014 Østre, Bergen; Hilde Annine Hasselberg, Natalie Sandtorv, Øyvind Skarbø, Manuel Hofstätter
Tacit-Citat-ion (2013/2019) for string quartet [6’30”]
 WP: 12/4-2013 Gunnar Sævigssal, Griegakademiet, Bergen; BIT20
Triangulation (2013) for percussion, guitar and prep. piano [14′]
WP: 18/1-2012 Interkulturelt museum, Oslo; Aksiom
Eight Seasons (2012) for string quartet [12′]
WP: 12/9-2012 Parkteatret, Oslo; Quatuor Bozzini
Silans (2007) for flute, triangle, bassoon and jew’s harp
WP: 8/12-2007, AVGARDE, USF Verftet, Bergen; Sofya Dudaeva, Craig Farr, Anthony Ringdal and Audun Bruflot


Vestladskollasj (2017) for ambisonics, surround sound, Greenligtdistrict, Skien, Norway
(2016) for ambisonics, 8 speakers, WP: 3/11-16; Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Diorama Utopia (2016), music for a VR-movie, WP: 9/9-16, Luftballett, Bergen
Banalala (2014) for tape [7’15”], 
WP: 5/2014; Only Connect, Oslo; Voice: Hilde Annine Hasselberg