Upcoming events

13th November 2021
R. S. Ahvenniemi’s doctoral defence in philosophy: at the University of Helsinki, Porthania, Aud PIII;
“Musical Composition as Lingering Reflection. Exploring the Critical Potential of Music

8th December 2021
Performance of R. S. Ahvenniemi’s “Sonata in Pippi form” and “Dada-aria” in Target Margin in Brooklyn, NY, USA
By: ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble)
Concert lecture by: Rebecka Ahvenniemi

12th December 2021
Performance of R. S. Ahvenniemi’s “The Death of a Christmas Tree” in Bergen, Norway
By: Trekansambandet
More information coming up soon!

28th January – 5th February 2022
Kaustinen Chamber Music Week
Festival composer: Rebecka Sofia Ahvenniemi
28th Jan: Sound installation performance of R.S. Ahvenniemi’s “Winds”
1st Feb: Video performance of R. S. Ahvenniemi’s “An Anarchist’s Love Letter to a Conservative”
3rd Feb: Performance of R. S. Ahvenniemi “Tacit-Citat-ion”, “Sonata in Pippi Form”, “Herz beim Spinnrade”, “Dada-aria”, “Wuthering Modes. Not Moods”
By: Piia Komsi, soprano/Maria Puusaari, violin/ Kaija Saarikettu, violin/ Mauno Järvelä, viola/ Ulla Lampela, cello/ Sonja Fräki, piano

9th April 2022
Release concert of R. S. Ahvenniemi’s album “Opera Soundtrack”
By: Elisabeth Holmertz, vocal 1/ Hilde Annine Hasselberg, vocal 2/ Ørjan Hartveit, barytone/ Jutta Morgenstern, violin/ Agnese Rujevica, cello/ Owen Weaver, percussion/ Erik Håkon Halvorsen, synth/ Ole André Farstad, guitar
More information coming up soon!

21st and 22nd April 2022
Performance of R. S. Ahvenniemi’s “Un Palestrina congelato ritrovato nel cassonetto” in Grieghallen, Bergen
Performed by: Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra